Sri Lanka: Rebels Make Desperate Appeal To The Homeland


July 9, 2008: Recent losses have resulted in the LTTE openly appealing to the government of Tamil Nadu (the south Indian state that is the homeland of Tamils, and has a population of over 62 million) for help in their war. Despite the popularity of the LTTE cause (more autonomy and recognition of their Tamil culture in Sri Lanka) in Tamil Nadu, the LTTE terror tactics have backfired. The Tamil Nadu government has turned on the LTTE over the last decade, and this LTTE appeal will fail.

The fighting continues to go against the LTTE. The government reports that over 4,800 LTTE fighters have died so far this year, versus nearly 440 soldiers. The LTTE are using their dwindling cadre (hard core members) to insure that poorly trained (and motivated) conscripts (often teenagers) fight to the death, or at least don't run away as soon as the army opens fire. Meanwhile, army long range patrols inside LTTE territory report declining morale among the civilian population, and a dwindling supply of weapons and ammunition (that is, little target practice for new recruits, which is a major factor in the low army casualties.) Army commanders are now openly talking of crushing the LTTE by the end of the year.

July 5, 2008: In southern India, police have, so far this year, arrested 40 Tamils (18 from Sri Lanka, the test Indians) for smuggling military equipment to the LTTE.

July 4, 2008: After three days of fighting, troops took possession of the LTTE "Michael Base." This was a major LTTE logistics, training and administrative facility in the north.

July 3, 2008: The navy has seized over 200 Indian fishing boats that were moving into Sri Lankan seas to fish. Cheap GPS receivers has made it easier for navy patrols to identify fishing boats that were trying to poach right on the sea border. But in this case, the navy was also concerned with LTTE smugglers hiding among all those poachers. The navy searched nearly 300 fishing boats, but found no LTTE members or cargo.

July 2, 2008: Police caught a Tamil woman smuggling explosives into a refugee camp (for Tamils displaced by the fighting). Further investigation discovered a hidden cache of 9 pounds of explosives. The camp was apparently used as a storage and transit point for explosives going to Tamil bomb builders. These would be used for the terror attacks that the LTTE has been threatening to carry out.


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