Sudan: September 9, 2000


Several reports since the end of August indicate Sudanese rebel groups based in Eritrea are now operating more openly with elements of the Eritrean Armed force. Now, most of the accusations come from pro-Khartoum Sudanese sources that allege that "Eritrean troops" are supporting SPLA units along the border of Sudan's Kassala state. The SPLA has been conducting a successful offensive in south Sudan. This could be propaganda, to explain Sudanese defeats. However, Eritrea has had long-term contacts with the SPLA leadership. Eritrean leaders take a very dim view of the radical Islamists in Khartoum- and the fact that Khartoum appeared to favor Ethiopia in the recent Ethiopia-Eritrea War. We'll have to see if the reports are evidence of a more "open" Eritrean-SPLA alliance.




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