Sudan: February 6, 2001


The Sudanese government said a rebel band (described in the press release as outlaws) once again attacked the Aroma police station north of the town of Kassala (eastern Sudan). Seven policemen were killed.

January 30 , 2001; A National Democratic Alliance spokesman (NDA, the Sudanese opposition umbrella group) said its forces had overrun and captured the government garrison at Malawia (eastern Sudan). Malawia is near the town of Kassala. This may indicate that the NDA is about to start a new offensive in the region.

January 29 , 2001; On January 27 the SPLA claimed it attacked and destroyed three oil wells in the Bantiyo area (al-Wihda state). The SPLA press release claimed this was the SPLAs first attack on oil facilities in Bantiyo. The press release also said government and pro-Khartoum militia garrisons in the area were also attacked. On January 28, the Khartoum government responded with a press statement of its own, claiming that Khartoums forces had defeated a series of guerrilla attacks in the Bantiyo area. A Khartoum government spokesman said that the SPLA claims were false and that no oil facilities had been destroyed.

January 27 , 2001; A Sudanese government spokesman warned Uganda not to attempt a hot pursuit policy of chasing anti-Ugandan guerrillas into the Sudan. The Sudanese spokesman said a hot pursuit policy that crossed the international border would be viewed in Khartoum as an act of aggression.




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