Sudan: April 18, 2001


Religious aid groups operating in south Sudan reported that Antonov transports equipped as bombers struck the Kauda airstrip (Nuba Mountains area) on April 16. The aid groups at the airstrip were holding a ceremony thanking a group of Italian aid agencies for supporting relief operations and an educational facility for tribespeople in the region. One person was killed and two injured in the attack. One report said the Antonovs dropped a total of 14 bombs. At the moment, the Kauda airstrip is in a region controlled by the SPLA. However, there is no evidence that the SPLA is operating out of Kauda. Relief agencies are, there, however. Why the airstrike? Military foul-up is always a possibility, but remember, the Islamist regime in Khartoum ultimately sees all non-Muslims in the south as rebels. Khartoum would love to drive international aid agencies out of the region.




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