Sudan: June 11, 2002


: The SPLA (Sudan Peoples Liberation Army) took the key southern town of Kapoeta, claiming that it is the most significant military victory in the last two years. SPLA spokesman Samson Kwaje claimed that Kapoeta, about 80 kilometers from the border with Kenya, was taken by surprise and that the SPLA seized tanks, artillery and heavy machineguns. The Khartoum government confirmed the loss in a statement carried by local media on the 10th. 

Khartoum had considered the town unconquerable, since it is surrounded by mine fields and had one of the three major garrisons of the regular military forces. 
The Sudanese Army admitted that Kapoeta town was subjected to an intensive shelling and continuous attacks since the 8th, but that their forces repulsed the attack. The attacks continued on the morning of the 9th until 13:30, when government forces withdrew to an alternative position "dictated by conditions with the aim of containing the situation". - Adam Geibel




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