Sudan: August 2, 2002


Khartoum denied SPLA allegations that it had launched a major offensive, claiming that both government- and rebel- allied militias were involved in "low-level skirmishes" to gain territory ahead of the possible ceasefire agreement. Humanitarian sources told the UN that while there was every indication that large numbers of civilians had been killed in the 27-28 July weekend fighting, the SPLA's estimate of 1,000 dead appeared to be inflated. 

In the southern Sudan, a government Antonov overflew the village of Ikotos (East Equatoria) five times on the morning of 1 August without dropping any bombs. This was perceived as an intimidation tactic, as well as a reconnaissance flight. A Nuer militia group loosely aligned with the Sudanese government also released one of three World Vision employees they have held hostage in the Upper Nile province since 29 July. - Adam Geibel




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