Sudan: Unseen War Continues


January26, 2007: The U.S. believes that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (the official name of the North-South peace accords signed in January 2005) has a chance of succeeding. This despite the fact that tensions between pro-North Islamic militias and SPLA fighters have increased over the last three months. The U.S. and UN are trying to help Sudan resolve those problems. The CPA said that by 2009 Sudan will conduct a national referendum to decide the political status of south Sudan. The U.S. and UN favor a unified Sudan.

January 25, 2007: A Sudanese 737 passenger jet was hijacked to Ndjamena, the capital of Chad. The hijacker surrendered and sought asylum in Great Britain. The US condemned the hijacking. No matter the politics, the US opposes skyjacking.

January 24, 2007: Another 5000 refugees had fled attacks in West Darfur state. The refugee camp at El Geneina had received the largest influx. It may not have been the same attack reported by Darfur rebels on January 20.

January 19, 2007: A Sudan Air Force Antonov transport dropped bombs on a village outside of Kutum and killed two people. It often takes days (and occasionally weeks) for refugees to reach places of safety and report incidents like this.




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