Sudan: Militia Leaders Thrown To The Wolves


October 17,2008: A 140-man contingent of Indonesian police officers has begun deploying with UNAMID in Darfur. The lead element arrived in Darfur on October 12. The Indonesian Formed Police Unit will work with UNAMID for one year. The UN is glad to have the Indonesians, for several reasons. Most of the Indonesians are Muslims, which may help deter attacks on the unit by Islamic radicals. The IFPU is also a an outfit specially-trained for "high risk" operations and for protecting refugees. Another Moslem outfit, a Bangladeshi police unit, is already on duty in Darfur.

October 14, 2008: The government arrested a militia leader who is under indictment.  The ICC (International Criminal Court) indicted Janjaweed militia commander Ali Muhammad Ali Abd al Rahman in 2007. Abd al Rahman (also known as Ali Kushayb) is one of two janjaweed commanders indicted by the ICC for mass murder in Darfur. This is an interesting turn of events. President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is also under idictment by the ICC. And al Bashir has been spending the last several months whipping up anti-ICC and UN sentiment throughout Africa.

October 11, 2008: The US reported that Al Qaeda is threatening to attack American citizens and American allies in Sudan. AL Qaeda's Sudanese affiliate, knows as Al Qaeda in the Land of the Two Niles (ie, the Blue Nile and the White Nile), has threatened US citizens and interests in Sudan for years. Al Qaeda has also said it would conduct attacks against UN forces in Sudan.

October 9, 2008: The UN held a meeting in EL Fasher with the Sudan Liberation Army Minnawi faction. The SLA-Minnawi signed the Darfur Peace Agreement in 2006, but has had a rocky relationship with the government. The UN is trying to get the various SLA factions to cooperate with one another in order to facilitate peace negotiations with the government. A new peace plan, backed by the Arab League, is also being examined. Qatar has sent representatives from its government to talk with Darfur factions. So far the contacts with the rebels have been "unofficial," but everyone knows the meetings are taking place.





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