Logistics: More Sand Storm Vision


July 28, 2011: The U.S. Army Driver’s Vision Enhancer-Family of Systems (DVE-FOS) program now has a second supplier (BAE) to help with production (and keeping prices down). The army and marines are buying nearly two billion dollars worth of DVE equipment. DVE is an infrared (heat sensing) system that consists of a 2.5 kg (5.5 pound) sensor, and a flat panel display that shows the driver what is in front of the vehicle, despite night, fog, smoke or dust. DVE can spot standing man in a sandstorm at 190 meters, while at night, in clear weather, a stationary vehicle can be seen at 1,700 meters (over a mile).

The army has already bought over 40,000 DVEs in the last six years, so that the equipment could be used on a wide variety of vehicles and in all possible conditions. Current deliveries will equip just about every new truck and MRAP. There are actually four different models of DVE. DVE Lite is for trucks that cart troops and supplies around. DVE CV is used by combat vehicles. DVE TWV allows the sensor to be moved around, to search a wider area, and is used by wheeled combat vehicles (Stryker and MRAP). There is also a variation of the DVE TWV, used specifically to detect enemy activity, like someone placing roadside bombs or mines.

DVE enables the army to move more quickly, and safely, in all kinds of atmospheric conditions. This not only speeds up supply, and movement (of units) operations, but makes combat units more effective. The enemy can no longer rely on bad visibility to slow down U.S. troops.





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