Where Have All the Soldiers Gone in RussiaRussian Crimea Defenses CrumbleRussian Air Force Attrition
Russian Air Force Losses in UkraineRussia Creates a Desert and Calls It PeaceRussia Regenerates Its Forces in Ukraine
Russia fires on Ukrainian FakesTurning the Lights Out in UkraineCollecting The Dead
Russian Losses so Far in UkrainePatterns of American Combat CasualtiesRussia Loses Another A-50U AWACS
Two Years of Russian Losses in UkraineRussian Military Medical Health Care MessRussia Runs Out of Russians
The Ukrainian NavyBlack Sea Graveyard for Russian WarshipsU.S. Army is Shrinking
Rare Russian AWACS Lost in UkraineRussian Casualties Keep IncreasingUSN Personnel Shortage
Medical Care in the Combat ZoneUnsustainable Russian Losses in UkraineRussian Su-34 Losses in Ukraine
Unsustainable Russian Losses in Ukraine



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