Attrition Article Archive 2013


Fighter Pilots Doomed By PovertyAnother Mysterious MiG-31 CrashTaiwan And The Enemies Within
Friendly Fire From WashingtonThe Red Army Dies From The CoolIndia Starts Retiring All Its MiG-21s
How Syria Reversed The Great MeltdownMaking U-2s More LivableThe Slow Death Of The Red Army
RAF Crippled By HailAmerican Cruiser Hit By MissileSolving The Wrong Problem
The Grief That Keeps On GivingWhen Money Is Not EnoughTransport Helicopters Get Very Special Armor
South Korean Air Force Strives To Age GracefullySouth Korea Counts Its Cyber War LossesThere Is Tough and Then There Is Too Tough
Why Russian Military Reforms Do Not WorkThe Russian A-10 AbidesF-16I Down
It Was Too Good To Be TrueThe Art Of Aging EffectivelyThe Chinese Military Struggles To Overcome Its Past
The Bone AbidesMaking The Gut Shot Much Less FatalVideo Games Ruin Chinese Military Leadership
An F-22 Brought Down By A Hot WireOlder But SaferAfghan EOD Take The Losses And Get It Done
Israel Fights For The Fanatic FifthF-4 Fades Away Very SlowlyPay To Play
Careers On The RocksHail, Birds And Other Flying HazardsWhat A Difference A Date Makes
Old Ammunition Self-DisposesK-Max Down But Not OutStress And Suicide
The Destruction Of The Syrian Air ForceWhy You Cannot Trust An Armed AfghanHeron Down
The Cost Of Good IntentionsToo Tough Turks Taken To TaskThe Immortal Patriot
The Medical RevolutionDeath Traps No MoreThe Pain And Iron Rain In India
What Really Scares The ChineseRumble Over Russian Aircraft ReliabilityFly The Friendly UAV Skies
Time BombsStress, Suicide And PTSDIgnominious Loss
Why Pakistanis Want To Leave PakistanStaunching Scary Suicide StatsThe Thick And Thin Of It
The Royal Navy And The Mystery Rudder DiseaseIdeas That Kill



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