Attrition Article Archive 2008


Highway MadnessCommunist Rebels Lose Their EdgeLaser Vision Hits The Israeli Air Force
Expensive New Headgear Can't Take A BumpU.S. Reserves RestoredSometimes Look On The Bright Side Of Life
The Kids Are Not AlrightBattlefield Losses PlummetHelicopters Not As Vulnerable As They Look
Taliban TribulationsThe Return Of The Professional PrivateThe Great War On PTSD
U.S. Army Detective ShortageU.S. Army Desertions Drop 24 PercentMarines Count Their Lower Losses
Killing Is StressfulRecession Is GoodAl Qaeda At War With Itself
Gulf War Syndrome Declared A Real UnknownVeterans Fading Away In PainScrewing Shell Shocked Veterans
F-18E Cracks Of Doom Overestimated Indian MiG-21s Too FragileEncouraging Deserters To Return
Subverting Sick CallMore Volunteers Than Are NeededMarine Captains Gots The Blues
Too Loud To TolerateAn Attractive Alternative To UnemploymentThe Recently Fired Get Rehired
Stop Loss Struggles OnThe Hogs Are HurtingInstitutionalizing PTSD
Pilots Love the F-15E, and Leave the F-22The Best And The Brightest Go Air ForceNew Tech Turns Everyone Into A Medic
MiG-29s Aging PoorlyRussia Fires Most Of Its ColonelsGrowing The Force
Flight Deck FatalitiesToo Much ActionFly The Friendly Robotic Skies
Droids Fit Right InMeasuring The Pakistani StickThe Good Old Days Sucked
The Terrorist Death RateWhere Did It Hurt The Most?Kids And Guns
Hot Line For The WoundedDownsizing Debacle DerailedAfghanistan Explained
Womens WorkTribal TribulationsDesperately Seeking Cylon Minders
Russians Went Blind Into Georgia90 Percent Of The Crew Was InjuredThe Big Killers Get Away Unseen
Patterns Of Violence In South AsiaFor Want Of A GeekKeep Them Flying Over The Pacific
Marines Outlaw FatTrying To Catch The American DiseaseHiding From Hannah
Are You Crazy Enough For This?Cold War Memories Blown AwayAvoiding The Nod
The Great UAV Pilot ShortageNumber One With A BulletBritannia Fades Away
The Royal Navy Heads For The HillsUSAF Drops DownsizingTaking The Measure of Afghan Violence
The Great Predator Pilot ShortageFinding a Cure For The AftereffectsWaiting For Combat Pay To Go Away
Brain Drain In South African Air ForceTraining For The WorstB-52s Going Into Storage
Minuteman Squadron DisbandedMilitary Women In Body BagsMeasuring The Secret Plague
Explosive Cold War DevelopmentsMustang BaitThe Casualties That Have Not Declined
Desertion Not As Fashionable As It Used To BeAmerican Volunteers Being Turned AwayBlack Times For Black Tigers
Why You Should Never Fly In An Iranian AircraftFade To BlackThen I Got High
Victory And DesertionCounting The Dead In IraqWar And Peace In Pakistan
Measuring The Calamity In ZimbabweThe Slaughter of the IgnoredAfghanistan Becomes The Most Dangerous Place
Weed WaiversChinese Army Hit With PTSD EpidemicMagic Powder and The Gauze of Life
Downsizing DIsUSAF Downsizing HaltedLet It Bleed
B-2 Crash Caused By High HumidityIraq Is No Longer Most Violent Nation In The WorldBomb Squads Are Fading Away
Suicide and StressEven Deserters Love A WinnerIraqi Police Clean House
Russian Fighter Pilot Shot Down In SudanStress a Growing Source of CasualtiesPakistan Props Up Kashmir Terrorists
Up In SmokeExorcizing EFPsOnce A Marine, Again and Again
Most Taliban Are PakistaniInvincible UAVsFor Those Who Do Not Want To Go
What the V-22 Lost In IraqUSMC Overrun By RecruitsMarines Take On Motorcycle Madness
B-2 Flies AgainA Few More Good WomenHelicopter Losses
Most F-15Cs Being Put DownReapers Get ReapedThe Ghost Subs Of Oz
Well Spent Cash For Keeping CaptainsTerrorists Get Personal in The CaucasusDealing With Criminal Recruits
Russians Still Killing AfghansIt Takes One To Recruit OneArab Commando Casualties in Afghanistan
The Bad Guys Come Out To Die Why 4,000 Wasn't 13,747Israel Calculates Losses to Arab Missiles
Old But DeadlyAl Qaeda Recruiter BluesPaid To Keep Playing
Battlefield Heart AttacksReplacing The CasualtiesThe War On Hearing
Worshiping False ImagesGrowing Combat Fatigue LossesWhy Are U.S. Troops So Hard To Kill?
Doctor Silicon Sees Invisible InjuriesDrunken Brawls Reveal Their SecretsRussian Soldiers Fade Away
The $40,000 At The End Of The TunnelThe Secret War in South AsiaThe Great USMC NCO Shortage
Viagra For VictoryThe Million Strong USAFStressing Suicide
Binding Them With ScienceAfghanistan Becomes Less ScaryAn Army of Survivors
Corruption Kills The Indian Officer CorpsMore, Please, SirFive Years Of Combat
Seeking Sergeant Good WrenchThe Bloody Border With MexicoA Little Taste Will Do You
Judge Grounds Dodgy BombersGrow The ArmyKilling and Counting Canadians
Only F-4 Phantoms Defend JapanUSN Puts NCOs In Pilots SeatsTroops Wired For Medical Emergencies
Where Have All The Dead Americans Gone?The War in Sri Lanka



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