Attrition Article Archive 2009


PTSD And Chemical ImbalanceThe Great Geek Shortage At SeaScrewing Around Now Gets You Screwed
The Breaking PointAnother Year of Blood In Pushtun LandThe Wimps Win One
Who Shall Watch The Suicide Watch?Su-30s Got A Little MiG In ThemSri Lankan Bloodbath Clarifies
The Great CullThe U.S. Army Revives The RIFUSAF Changes Direction Again
Soaring Suicides StallThe Threadbare Red LineThe Growing PTSD Plague
Losing The Flawed ChiefsLow, Slow And DangerousThe Great Mirage Parts Shortage
USAF Sets New Safety RecordElderly Russian Bombers Falling Out Of The AirBloodier Afghanistan
Putting It All On The TroopsGirls With Guns Get It DoneNo Down Time For Sergeants
Rich Kids At WarMarines Looking Out For MarinesWinning The Mind Games
The Last F-15A Goes To The Bone YardStressed Out Shooting StudiedDesperately Searching For The Skinny
MiG-23s Fade Away LoudlyHuey Retires After 50 YearsThe Growing Cost Of Combat Stress
Caucasus Chaos Causes Considerable CasualtiesLooking For LoveThree Strikes And You're Sidelined
French Navy Loses 12 Percent Of Its Rafales In One DisasterGeneration Gap Causes An Officer ShortageFighter Pilots Not Allowed To Fight
Navy ROTC Just Got More ExpensiveDecapitation Terrorizes Al QaedaSeeking Stressed Soldiers
Air Force Weaklings Cast OutThe Reaper Got Reaped By A U.S. JetPredators Falling From The Sky Everywhere
A More Exclusive ClubStop The BleedingSecuring Scarce Sailors
Iraq Still BleedsTwo Down, Ten To GoMaking A Profit In Afghanistan
The Great Global Officer ShortageIndia And The Enemy WithinMiG-29 Woes Without End
Some Radical Changes In Warfare Just Took PlaceThis Loss Really HurtsStalking Stoned Sailors
Reviving A Dying BreedOld Soldiers Never Get OldDead Babies In The News
Expensive MistakesThe GraduatesSailors And Airmen Join The Army
SuicideKeeping The Rebels DownThe Guard Retires
USN Chiefs Get ChuckedF-18s Cracking UpMore MiG Malfunctions
A Footnote In HistoryUSAF Forms A Posse Of DeputiesSailor Shortage In Oz Won't Go Away
Another Casualty Of the RecessionIndia Dumps Its MiG-21sShips, Drugs And Heads Will Roll
The Nightmare CureThe Iron Bird Su-24s Grounded
Old Soldiers Just ArrivedHuman Error Now The Big KillerSailors Seek Shelter In Service
I Got High LegallyMajor Major MessShedding Sailors Sensibly
All Fall DownIt's Getting Harder For Americans To Die In CombatSuspect Indian Su-30s Allowed To Fly Again
Missing F-35s Replaced By F-15 RefurbsHey Soldier, You're FiredKeeping The Nukes On Board
Running For A PromotionEngine Defects Threaten Su-30 FleetUSAF Invents The Future
The Bad Luck Of The Irish The Enemy Has Your Back, And Your FeetGermany Revives An Old Tradition
The Tragic Territorial ArmyIndian Aircraft Ambitions Have An AccidentTake Two Aspirin And Die
Su-35 Suffers A SetbackDenmark Wants MoreLet Us Go, Or You'll Kill The Kid
Magic Powder BackfiresSilent MaladiesThe Royal Air Force In Tatters
Patterns Of Civilian Deaths In IraqThe Soldier Slaves Of Eritrea F-22 Taken Out By A CF-18
Echoes Of EmpireBad BloodIraq Is Still A Rough Neighborhood
Chinese Su-27s Die Of Old AgeContrasting Iraq And Afghanistan Gulf War Syndrome Forever
The Sporting LifeCheap, Corrupt And In The WaterAnother F-22 Class A Accident Is No Surprise
German Troops Suffer From PTSDNo Recession For Expert KillersBlown Away
The Incredibly Shrinking Taiwan MilitaryPerfect Sailors PreferredThreadbare And Lonely
The Enemy WithinDefeating Draft DodgersA MiG That Won't Be Missed
PTSD And The Poison PillsU.S. Cruiser Totaled By A Sand BarHead Games
Another Recession CasualtyIn The New Navy, Only The Lite SurviveThe Long And Short Of It
Chopper Carnage ContinuesA Rare Buff AccidentIntangibles That Matter
Death By TwinkieAmerican Air Space UndefendedUSAF Flees From Certain Defeat
Plunging Casualty Rates Don't Make HeadlinesWhat Is A Life Worth?U.S. Army Suffers 13 More Suicides Last Year
Recruiting Retired Fighter PilotsThe Mystery Dead Of GazaWhy Israel Is Special
Doing Less With MoreAn Earful of CombatGurkhas Replacing British Infantry
Climbing Out Of A DepressionHow Recessions Improve The MilitarySailors Suffer Smart Shrinking
The Incredible Shrinking Russian Armed ForcesAfghanistan Is The New IraqPlease Don't Go



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