Attrition Article Archive 2014


Reality Versus NecessityWith Defenders Like ThisIndia Flies Like A Heron
India, Russia And Ejection Seat MaintenanceThe Crack CrisesA Rare Friendly Fire Incident Explained
Cutting Corners For the SuperGeeksDraft Delusions LingerWhy Russia Is Thin In The Air
Huey Continues To Slowly Fade AwayThe Royal Canadian AliensThe Taliban Recruit More Martyrs
Better Is Not PerfectMainly The Strong Tend To SurviveA Gut Feeling
Elderly F-16Ds Cracking UpBad Officers In IraqScary Suicidal South Korean Soldiers
Americans Fighting In GazaEbola Chases Away PeacekeepersThings To Avoid In Afghanistan
Another Medical MiracleWomen Warriors Confront ISILPolio Gets Religion And A Comeback
India Grows Desperate Over Unreliable Russian EnginesPaying Attention To The Wrong ThingsA Tattoo Too Far
Iranian Air Losses Over IsraelMiG-21s Revived In AfricaNorth Korean Air Force Develops Dementia
Jordan Wants A Few More Good MenChina Takes The High Road to Carrier OperationsRussia Cures Disease In The Barracks
And Then There Were TwoUndead Aircraft Over IraqThe Reality Check
The Missing Female ChiefsThe Other American DeserterBad News Never Gets Old
China Makes A Lot Of Exceptions For GeeksFriendly Fire Fades AwayThe Desolation Of Syria
What Afghanistan Really NeedsTwo Cents WorthBoots Versus Mines
America Has The Ammo Disposal BluesThree P-3Cs Crushed By SnowSending In The Cossacks
Learning To Trust Chechens AgainToo Good To GoSuicidal Tendencies
Pay Them And They Will ComeThe Slaughter Of The Innocents In SyriaChinese Women Now Tend the Missiles And Nukes
USAF Faces Massive Geek ShortageB-2 Readiness Blues Defy SolutionThe Days Miami Died
Forgotten Plagues Invade SyriaThe Best Mercenaries Oil Can BuySituation Desperate, Send Drugs
Afghanistan, Canada And Remembrance DayKinder And Gentler UAV AttacksBirds Versus Helicopters
A-10 On Death Row AgainBritain And PTSDThe U.S. Army Shrinks To Survive
No More Time For Senior SergeantsFemale Pilots Sharply Reduce Helicopter LossesRussia Makes It Easier For College Students To Avoid The Army
The Revenge Of The MercenariesTaiwanese Lose Their Will To ServeThe Droids Now Lead The Way
Paradise LostThe UAE Tries ConscriptionTaiwan Wants To Recruit From The Lost Army
The Bone Sprung A Leak And Blew UpThe War On Men In North KoreaPakistan Is Still The Place To Run From



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