Attrition Article Archive 2010


Suicides Sliding Back To Peacetime LevelsBloody PakistanSick Soldiers In Siberia Seen As Suspicious
Germany Shrinks To FightAustria Cuts Panzer Force In HalfYouth Treatments For Cougars
The Russian Foreign Legion, Sort OfIn Your FaceWhat The USAF Learned From Iraq
The Enemy BelowBoeing Gets Busted For Poor QualityIsrael Braces For The Iranian Rain Of Fire
What Really MattersA Suitcase Full Of HeartWorse Than Heroin, And It's Legal
Repairing The GuardDetails Of The Iraqi War DeadLooting The Dead For A Better World
Only Quality Will Get The Job DoneNot Suitable For Military ServiceBloody South Asia
More Dead Contractors Than SoldiersAfghan Women Join The ArmyRussian Youth In Revolt
Black ThursdayFamine In Afghanistan More Cold War Casualties
Hellfire, Reapers, Predators and Griffins Culling The Chiefs AgainIED Campaign Defeated In Afghanistan
Marine Corps Battles StressPaying Whatever It Takes To Get What You NeedThe Bright Side Of Tragedy
A Fifth Of The USAF UnfitAnother Suspicious Crash In RussiaWe Love Americans
Another Reason To Howl At The MoonPill Popping Marines Stay Out Of TroubleMiGs Feel The Hate
How Stress Gets You High Before You DieWe've Got To Get Out Of This PlaceArtificial Blood For Combat Emergencies
The War On IEDsPredator Learns How To Stay In The SkyThin Air Ravages The Chinese Army
Geezers Put It All Into PerspectiveNot Fit For CombatPainful Dryness
Kevlar UnderwearProgress In Predicting PTSDPhantom Fading Fast
USAF Turns Off Hiring, Turns On FiringToo Expensive To Maintain And Too Dangerous To FlyPTSD Predictor In Peril
Flaming MadnessU.S. Army Cures Ebola Killer VirusHow Bleeding Goats Saves Wounded Soldiers
Phasing Out MorphineMaking IEDs IneffectiveRust Grounds the F-22 Fleet
Someone To Talk To Rescue CCATTBritain Gets A recession Bounce
The Pride Of China Crashes And BurnsFixing Friendly FireThe Great Fighter Shortage Comes Up Short
The Few Who Are Fit To FightThe Ash Of DoomKnuckle Armor
Minding Minor IrritationsSearching For The Line That Must Not Be CrossedPoison
Robots That Bleed BloodForbidden Weapons Won't Go AwayIt's Not Easy Being Lean
Replacing The Missing F-35s Overpopulated India Has A Soldier ShortageOne Pill Makes You Larger...
How The Brass Keep ScoreWhat Really Hurts You Isn't CombatF-18s Aging Poorly
Hellfire And DamnationDefeating DesertionSolving The Iraqi Officer Shortage
Marjah Mysteries RevealedWhy Not 5,000 American Dead In Afghanistan?More MiG Madness
The Falklands, Afghanistan And HistoryPaying The Going RateThe Afghan War Moves East
Not Good EnoughStop Loss LivesUSAF Gets The Downsize Religion Again
Air Force Recruits RetireesCanada Goes PlatinumMost Of The Casualties Are Non-Combat
Not Covered By The WarrantyIt's Safer Getting Shot AtSu-27s Grounded
Minor Injuries Aren'tDying To HelpGetting Them Young



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