Logistics: August 17, 2005


In the last few months, terrorists in Iraq have shifted their attention to the supply convoys that keep coalition, and Iraqi, troops, supplied with everything from water to weapons. Each week, about a thousand convoys, along with their armed escorts, hit the road. The chance of any convoy getting hit with an ambush, usually gunfire, RPGs or roadside bombs, was, for over a year, about 1-2 percent. But now it is three percent. However, the casualties have actually declined this year, despite the increase in attacks. Better protection on the trucks is the main reason, although better tactics and training for the drivers has helped as well. The terrorist violence has not had much effect on the Iraqi economy, where most of the damage is being done by the rampant crime. The gangsters, however, rarely try to take on an American convoy, because the trucks are well guarded by troops and private security personnel, as well as armor.




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