Paramilitary: November 8, 2003


: SOFIA (Supporting Our Friends in Iraq and Afghanistan) is a Department of Defense program that, seeks to hire motivated civilian employees to help the fledgling Iraqi and Afghani governments in their quest to become full-fledged democracies. 

The U.S. Army ( is hiring civilian contract workers to perform the SOFIA supported civil affairs work in Afghanistan and Iraq. A wide range of skills are being sought, including civil engineering, banking, agriculture, education, communications and security. Applicants can be current federal employees, and contracts are for twelve months. But you must carefully read the fine print, as in, Prospective applicants must be willing to live under field conditions. In plain English, this doesnt just mean that you may be camping out, but that you may be shot at. Meanwhile, people with combat skills are being hired by stateside companies. NEK Advanced Securities Group Inc. is seeking former members of the Special Forces who have Top Secret security clearances for work teaching Special Forces combat skills to persons unnamed. In addition to these training activities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, NEK is also recruiting Special Forces veterans for Intelligence Staff Operations/Collection Management Officers (HUMINT experience required) and Vulnerability Assessments/Security Assessments for work in the Washington, DC area. High pay and full benefits are being offered for qualified applicants.





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