Angola: August 12, 1999


The government captured the UNITA held town of Sanza-Pombo in Northern Angola. This does not mean a lot militarily, as the war is fought over large areas by small columns of troops. Thus capturing a town one day, might lead to getting besieged within a week. The war is more like a naval campaign, than a land one. There are few front lines. August 11; After a week of UNITA victories, the government is asking neighboring countries to declare UNITA's leader, Joseph Savimbi, a war criminal. The United States has offered to help control the illegal diamond trade that finances UNITA and many other rebel movements in Africa. Many Angolans have urged the government to re-open negotiations with UNITA, but the government refuses. The government apparently feels it can cut off a lot of UNITAs outside support (bought for with diamond trading profits) while also obtaining troops from neighboring south African nations. In 1998, Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia sent troops to fight rebels in the Congo.


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