Angola: Peace, But No Disarmament


April 15, 2006: The Angolan NGO ( non-governmental organization), Angola 2000, called on the Angolan government to institute a program of national disarmament. There are several similar "national disarmament" programs for countries where civil wars have ended, but the weapons remain (particularly light automatic weapons, light anti-tank weapons, and mortars). Angola 2000 is an advocacy group that has supported disarmament programs in the east. The NGO asserted that there are three million military-type weapons in civilian hands in Angola. Angola 2000 also asserted that the incidence of "gun violence" in the capital of Luanda is connected to the availability of weapons. The organization also claimed that there are still "large caches" of weapons in Luanda. The NGO also acknowledged that one reason many Angolans keep weapons is that they do not believe the government and local police are able to protect them from criminals. In 1992 the Angolan government gave out AK-47-type assault rifles and automatic pistols to local militias as part of the war effort against UNITA.

April 11, 2006: The Portuguese empire isn't quite dead. The Angolan government reported that 250 Portuguese-speaking economists met in Luanda for a three-day long conference. The conference discussed economic reform and development. It's a fair bet trade was also on the agenda. The Angolan press statement said this was the sixth official meeting of the "Association of Portuguese Speaking Economists" (yes, they have an organization).


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