Central Asia: Stable, But Shaky


October 15, 2005: Despite unpopular dictators throughout the region, rebel groups (both democratic, and Islamic) have been unable to change things much. The new Kyrgyz government, while more democratic than the one it replaced, is also seen as more responsive to clan and business interests, than to the population as a whole. No other country in the region appears ready to try more democracy, or succumb to Islamic radicals. It's all somewhat stable, but shaky.

October 11, 2005: Kyrgyzstan will allow the U.S. to continue using an air base, as long as American troops are operating in Afghanistan.

October 9, 2005: In Tajikistan, a woman killed herself when she set off a hand grenade outside a government ministry. There have been two similar attacks this year, for which no one has taken credit. It's uncertain if the attackers are terrorists, or someone upset at the government for other reasons.

October 6, 2005: Tajikistan has agreed to let Russia build an airbase outside the capital. Russia has, for over a decade, been supplying troops to help guard the Afghan border.

September 22, 2005: In Kyrgyzstan, the second member of parliament in three months was murdered, Parliament then passed a law allowing members to carry guns. Criminal gangs and corruption are believed responsible for the two killings, and threats to other members of parliament.


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