Chad: Su-25s Bomb Sudan


May 16, 2009: The UFR (Union of Resistance Forces) rebels who recently invaded, and were repulsed, losing about a third of their strength, are fleeing back to Sudan, while announcing that they were merely responding to Sudanese requests that the UFR leave Sudan. Desperate, the UFR (a coalition of rebels) attempted to race across the country and seize the Chad capital. The surviving UFR fighters appear to be concentrating in the southeast, near the Sudan border. Since the Sudanese asked the UFR to leave, the UFR has to get permission to go back. Chad criticized the African Union for not doing more to stop Sudan from supporting these rebel organizations. The UN issued lots of press releases condemning Sudan.

May 15, 2009: Sudan claims that three jets flew from Chad and bombed Jabal Sindo, a Sudanese town 60 kilometers from the Chad border. There were two air raids, and one included helicopter gunships. The only jet warplanes the Chad Air Force has are half a dozen Su-25 ground attack aircraft it bought from Ukraine. Not all the Su-25s have been delivered.

May 13, 2009: The government has offered amnesty to all rebels in Chad who turn themselves in and surrender their weapons.

May 12, 2009: UN staff have returned to work in eastern Chad, resuming work to care for nearly half a million refugees.

May 9, 2009: The government declared victory over the rebel invasion from Sudan. The army and rebels clashed for two days at the town of Am Dam, where 226 rebels were killed, 212 captured and over a hundred rebels vehicles captured or destroyed. The army lost 22 soldiers. Hamouda Beki, the leader of the rebel faction (Union of Resistance Forces, or UFR), was among the prisoners.




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