Chad: War Breaks Out on Sudan Border


December 20, 2005: Over a thousand Chadian troops are in Sudan, looking for Chadian rebels. The Sudanese are protesting, but not sending in troops to oppose the search. This area is largely desert. There are few sources of water, and these are the places the rebels camp out at, and the Chadian troops are visiting.

December 18, 2005: Several hundred rebels, based in Sudan, raided into eastern Chad, but were met by army troops. The government claimed that most of the rebels were killed, but only five soldiers and three civilians died. The rebels came from two different groups; RDF (Rally for Democracy and Freedom) and the SCUD (Platform for Change, Unity and Democracy). The SCUD is led by two nephews of Chadian president Deby, who feel their uncle is not doing enough to protect members of their tribe from the violence in neighboring Sudan. SCUD is comprised of many Chad army deserters, but in this case, the Chadian army pursued the attackers into Sudan and destroyed the SCUD base.

December 12, 2005: Over the weekend, several more senior military and government officials abandoned their posts and joined rebels opposed to president Deby.

December 9, 2005: In the south, high school students demonstrating on behalf of their teachers (who have not been paid in three months), were fired on by soldiers. There were several injuries. Payrolls are often plundered by senior government officials.




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