Chad: Gunfire Near The Presidential Palace


March 23, 2006: The army says it destroyed a SCUD rebel base in the mountains along the Sudan border. Rebels say it isn't so and that they have killed 150 army soldiers. The government also says they took prisoners. If these can be brought back and shown in TV, it will lend credence to the government version of what's going on out there.

March 22, 2006: Gunfire was heard in the capital, near the presidential palace. This caused a brief panic, before the government issued a statement that the gunfire was the result of a "dispute over unpaid salaries," not another coup attempt. Unpaid salaries are another side effect of the corruption president Deby is presiding over. The corruption is the main cause of all the current unrest.

March 21, 2006: The army attacked groups of SCUD and RPJ rebels along the Sudan border in eastern Chad.

March 20, 2006: Over the last few days, the government has arrested over a hundred officers and soldiers, accusing them of participating in an attempt to take over the government. President Idriss Deby has been meeting with troops all over the country, trying to assure their loyalty. Deby is regarded as corrupt and ineffective by many in Chad.

March 14, 2006: Gunfire was heard in the capital, as a few dozen officers and soldiers attempted to stage a takeover of the government. Loyal troops repulsed the effort, which apparently an attempt to kill president Deby.




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