Chad: Border War Burns Brighter


April 1, 2006: The violence in Darfur continues to spread into neighboring Chad. The fighting along the Sudanese border not only involves Chad rebel groups, but also pro-Sudanese government militias that have been raiding the refugee camps just across the border in Chad. To further complicate matters, Sudanese rebel groups have been coming to the refugee camps, to recruit, and to get supplies.

March 31, 2006: The commander of the Chad army, general Abakar Yusuf Itno, died of wounds received yesterday along the Sudanese border. Itno was directing combat operations in the area. Itno is a nephew of Chad president Deby.

March 30, 2006: The government accuses Sudan of providing Arab tribal militiamen to help Chad rebels operating inside Sudan. Chadian soldiers have encountered these Sudanese gunmen during recent fighting along the border.

March 24, 2006: The fighting on the Sudanese border has sent more people fleeing, and interrupted aid operations, particularly the movement of food supplies. A good harvest in the area means there are supplies in the area for about two months. But after that, the food aid convoys have to get through to prevent widespread starvation among the 200,000 Sudanese in the dozen refugee camps of eastern Chad. There are also another 50,000 refugees from the CAR (Central African Republic).




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