Chad: UN Threatens to Cut Off Refugee Camps


May 27, 2006: The UN is threatening to cut off supplies to some refugee camps unless Sudanese rebels stop using the camps as bases. The Sudanese rebels often have family in the camps, and usually come into the camps wearing military uniforms (the favorite attire of both the Sudanese paramilitaries and the rebels on both sides of the border.) Chad is responsible for security at the refugee camps, but because of the expanding civil war in Chad, the army is too busy trying to keep president Deby in power, to worry about refugee camps. Chad's security forces were never very efficient in the first place, but now the border with Sudan is apparently wide open for any truckload of guys with guns.

May 21, 2006: Sudanese paramilitaries continue to raid refugee camps in eastern Chad. The raiders are after loot, but will also kill in order to terrorize the refugees. The raiders know that the Sudanese rebel groups are recruiting in the refugee camps, and are hitting back the only way they know how.




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