Chad: The War Spreads


July 2, 2006: Sudanese supported militias, including some Chad rebel groups, have turned the border with Sudan into a war zone. The Sudanese have even enlisted some of the smaller tribes as allies, and together they raid refugee camps in Chad, as well as Chad villages. In the past nine months, these attacks have gotten worse, and over 60,000 Chadians have fled their homes to escape the violence. Several hundred Chadians have died, and over a thousand wounded by the raiders. Chad is trying to convince the UN to send peacekeepers to help stop the violence on the border. Sudan is opposed to having peacekeepers in the region, being quite content with how things are going at the moment.

June 30, 2006: The government asked Uganda to help arrange peace talks with Sudan. Uganda also had problems with Sudan providing refuge for rebel groups, but eventually Uganda persuaded Sudan to stop supporting Ugandan rebels, and even help track them down.

June 27, 2006: For reasons unknown, Chadian rebels operating out of Sudan, helped Central African Republic (CAR) attack a CAR army post just across the border from Sudan. Also hit was a unit of CEMAC ( Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) peacekeepers. About three dozen people were killed in the fighting, and many more wounded. Exactly what kind of complex politics was involved here was unclear.

June 23, 2006: Chadian rebels based in Sudan are holding new elections to select leaders to settle growing disputes within the rebel coalition (FUC).




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