Chad: The French Connection


September 23, 2006: Fighting continues on the Sudanese border, near Adre and Aram Kolle. Thousands of refugees are fleeing into the interior, or across the border into Sudan. The rebels have threatened to attack French citizens because they have seen French Mirage jet fighters flying recon missions for the government. The French have several Mirage jets stationed near the capital. France has been involved in Chadian affairs for over a century, and French citizens control a large chunk of the economy.
September 19, 2006: The army attacked another rebel stronghold in eastern Chad, near the Sudan border and the town of Adre. Some 3,000 troops were involved, assisted by artillery and helicopter gunships. This time, the rebels belonged to the Rally of Democratic Forces (RFD), which is largely composed of members of the Zaghawa tribe, which president Deby belongs to. RFD is led by a former member of Deby's government. The rebels repulsed the government attack, but will probably retreat anyway.




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