Chad: Road Warriors


October 24, 2006: Sudan is supplying money, weapons and vehicles to Chad rebel groups, in order to keep the rebellion against the Chad government going. In response, Chad is supplying rebels in Darfur with weapons, and other aid. Although Chad and Sudan have agreed to make peace, that mostly been just talk. On the ground, there's lots of gunfire and dead bodies, mostly civilians.

October 23, 2006: Several hundred Chad rebels, riding in about sixty vehicles, invaded the Chad town of Goz Beida, which is about 160 kilometers from the Sudan border. Both the rebels and the Chad army announced they held the town.

October 21, 2006: In eastern Chad, over 3,000 people have fled their small, rural villages, to escape raiders from Chad and Sudan. Over three dozen have been killed and many more wounded in the last two weeks.




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