Chad: Rebels Raid Refugee Relief Agency Town


November28, 2006: In response to the raid on Abeche, the government increased the number of troops guarding the capital. It was believed that several hundred rebels were headed for the capital, but French air reconnaissance appears to have confirmed that the rebels are not coming again, as they did in April (only to be defeated in a brief skirmish in the capital). Chad is divided along tribal lines, with the rebels representing several tribes that believe they are not getting their fair share of government goodies. Chad has oil income now, so grabbing control of the government is worth a lot more. This is the usual result of oil wealth in Africa.

November 25, 2006: Rebels moved into Abeche, the largest town in eastern Chad, and headquarters for most of the aid organizations catering to the 200,000 refugees in the region. The police and army fled, but the rebels left after 24 hours, as army reinforcements approached. The rebels got away with many captured weapons. Abeche is about 850 kilometers from the capital.




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