Chad: Peace Deal With One Faction


December30, 2006: Raids from Sudanese pro-government militias and Chadian rebels have destroyed or damaged nearly 80 villages and refugee camps in the last two months. Over a thousand people have been killed or wounded, and nearly 100,000 sent running. The UN is calling for peacekeepers, or some kind of muscle, to put a halt to the looting of relief supplies, and attacks on aid workers. No one is eager to send troops to help.

December 29, 2006: In neighboring Central African Republic (CAR), there are three rebellions underway, and the government controls little beyond the capital. In addition, the unrest in Chad and Sudan is spreading into CAR. There are about a quarter million internal refugees and, like the refugees in neighboring Chad and Sudan, the international aid groups find themselves being looted and robbed by rebels and bandits, and, in effect, helping to support the thugs.

December 24, 2006: After discussions in Libya, the president of Chad and the leader of the FUC (United Front for Democratic Change) signed a peace deal. The FUC is on the outs with some of the other rebel groups, but this deal makes for one less hostile faction to deal with.




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