Chad: Make Peace, Then Invade


May 8, 2009: The latest rebel invasion from Sudan was apparently halted, with over a hundred of the 500-1,000 rebels were killed, because of air strikes and skirmishes with Chadian troops. The army claims to have captured over 150 of the rebels. The fighting interrupted food supplies for about 22,000 refugees. Chad is sending more troops to block the advance of the rebels, and there will probably be a decisive battle in the next few days. Diplomats from the two nations, the UN and other countries in the region are trying to negotiate some kind of peace deal. The rebels are still 40 or so kilometers inside Chad and still threatening to cross the country and attack the capital.

May 6, 2009: Several hundred (200-500) trucks full of Chad rebels crossed the Sudanese border (in the south, near the Central African Republic border) and advanced about a hundred kilometers into Chad before running into air attacks and Chadian soldiers.

May 5, 2009: Sudanese and Chadian diplomats agreed to continue peace talks. Both countries are trying to avoid another diplomatic break, as in April 2006 (because Chad rebels in Sudan attacked Chad) and May 2008 (because Sudan rebels in Chad attacked Sudan).

May 3, 2009: Officials from the UN and Chad have tried to get Sudan to prevent Chad rebels in Sudan from launching another offensive into Chad. After five days of talks, Chad and Sudan signed an agreement not to support each others rebels, and to generally play nice.

April 25, 2009: UN efforts to put 5,200 peacekeepers in eastern Chad have failed. There are only 2,400 peacekeepers on the ground in eastern Chad, with another 600 to arrive in the next month or so. Too many nations are unwilling to send their troops to the middle of nowhere (the Chad/Sudan border) for peacekeeping duty.

April 24, 2009: Chad rebel leaders based across the border in Darfur, speak openly of preparing to take another run on the Chad capital, and overthrowing the government.




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