China: September 24, 1999


The Chinese remain angry with and afraid of the US, all at the same time. China felt humiliated last April when the US refused to even consider easing China's entry into the World Trade Organization. China was outraged that the US intervened in Kosovo without UN sanction (which China could block) and furious that the US bombed its embassy. China is horrified at the idea that a US-built anti-missile defense network now being planned for Japan and South Korea could be extended to Taiwan. (Official Chinese newspapers have threatened a "Pearl Harbor" attack if the US even tried to install anti-missiles in Taiwan.) China is now concerned that Western intervention in Timor (which was only really possible when the US agreed to sign on) could herald other interventions into the affairs of other countries. The US has made efforts to rebuild relations with India at the same time India is building a nuclear missile arsenal aimed more at China than at Pakistan.--Stephen V Cole

September23, 1999; The Chinese armed forces has been circulating rumors that it would begin a military campaign against Taiwan by attempting a naval blockade. Taiwanese military analysts have already noted this possibility and pointed out that Taiwan could return the favor by mining major Chinese ports via submarine or aircraft. 




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