China: August 20, 2003


Several high ranking Chinese defense officials are in North Korea. It is thought that the Chinese generals are there to explain the military facts of life to their North Korean counterparts. The Chinese military has carefully studied world military developments since the end of the Cold War and have concluded that the traditional, low tech, forms of guerilla warfare advocated by orthodox communists will no longer work. American military technology, in particular, and professional soldiers are seen as a devastating combination by the Chinese. The North Koreans, however, still see their million man armed forces, with it's 1960s technology, as a formidable force. The Chinese are trying to make the North Koreans face reality and cut a deal that would stop North Korean nuclear weapons programs, and heavy defense spending in general, and put more resources into the North Korean economy and the welfare of the North Korean people. The Chinese generals will also remind the North Koreans that there will be no Chinese army to bail them out, as it did in 1950, if the North Koreans again try to conquer South Korea. 




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