China: September 26, 2004


Taiwan has secretly developed and tested a cruise missile, the Hsiung-feng 2E, which can reach targets deep inside China. The missile has a range of up to 300 kilometers. The secrecy of the development program was because Taiwan has long pledged that it would only develop defensive weapons.  The Hsiung-feng 2E is a further development of the existing Hsiung-feng 2 anti-ship missile (which weighs 1,500 pounds and has a 500 pound warhead). It was not difficult to make the  Hsiung-feng 2 longer, thus allowing for more fuel capacity, and increasing its range. It had long been rumored that this kind of upgrade was underway, but the government never admitted it. But recently, Taiwan said it would retaliate if China attacked, and a cruise missile capable of reaching Chinese cities would do that.




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