Colombia: No One Ever Expects the Israeli Mercenaries


April 6, 2007: The war against the drug gangs and their leftist allies has settled down to a grind. Many of the drug producing operations have been pushed to border areas, where the drug gangs can find some sanctuary in Venezuela or Ecuador. The army and police keep chasing the gangsters and rebels around these remote areas. The gangs are building well fortified bases in remote areas, using large number of land mines and booby traps. Colombia is becoming the nation with the highest number of annual land mine casualties. Colombia has long had one of the highest murder rates in the world, and as long as the drug gangs are able to hold onto their rural strongholds, that violent tradition will continue.

April 3, 2007: The government issued international arrest warrants for three Israeli men who had provided special operations training for drug gang killers. The three Israelis apparently had counter-terrorism training themselves, and are selling it on the international market to whoever can pay. The drug gangs need trained assassins to remove rivals and government officials that get in the way.




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