Colombia: Power Against the People


July 21, 2006: The fighting has been the most intense in the northwest, near the border with Panama, and in the south, along the border with Ecuador. These areas are crucial to FARC because of the cocaine producing and smuggling operations there. Without the money obtained from these operations, FARC could not meet its payroll (for gunmen, and bribes for government officials) and would be out of business.
July 18, 2006: In the northwest, FARC operations have left sixteen civilians dead, three missing and over a thousand fleeing the scene of attacks. FARC is fighting the army in this area. But the operations are characterized by FARC avoiding the army, and attacking civilians who refuse to provide support, or are known to be pro-government.
July 16, 2006: In the northeast, FARC released the loggers and their families they had earlier kidnapped.
July 15, 2006: In the northwest, FARC is moving into areas formerly controlled by the AUC (which accepted an amnesty and disbanded). FARC is using its usual terror tactics to dominate the local civilians. But it is running into resistance. This resulted in a logging village being attacked. Ten locals were killed, and another 170 kidnapped. FARC is determined to show the locals that you don't mess with FARC.




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