Colombia: AUC Revokes Surrender


December12, 2006: The destruction of coca crops (using aerial spraying) has resumed in the south, along the border with Ecuador. The fighting with FARC down there has been intense for the last few months. But, as has been the case during the last few years, FARC was forced back, and now the government is going after FARC's main source of income; cocaine.

December 8, 2006:For the first time in its history, Colombia has promoted a man of African heritage, Luis Alberto Moore, to the rank of general. Some 90 percent of the slaves shipped from Africa to the Americas, were sent to South America and the Caribbean, where they encountered worse conditions than in North America. The descendents of those slaves still suffer discrimination, as general Moore's unique situation indicates.

December 7, 2006:The AUC has given up negotiations with the government and declared the amnesty deal that had 32,000 AUC members surrender their weapons, a failure. The AUC says it will reform its combat forces and resume criminal operations. The government has accused the AUC of already doing that. The AUC is not in a strong position here, and would take a beating if they tried to come after the government security forces.

December 6, 2006:The Brazilian manufacturer delivered the first five of 25 Super Tucano light combat aircraft. These five ton, single engine, single seat aircraft can be used for pilot training and counter-insurgency work. These aircraft can carry about a ton of weapons and stay in the air for about eight hours per sortie. FARC protested the delivery of the aircraft.




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