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The Price Of PeaceMarching Towards PushtunstanThis Is For Your Own Good
When In Doubt, Run Like HellChasing The PromiseAbove The Law And Out Of Control
Power Without ResponsibilityIslamic Terrorists Go Too FarThe Forces Of Evil Are Winning
Embarrassing QuestionsThe SilenceThe Code Of Honor And The Convenient Hypocrisy
The Border BewildernessThe Lying GameThe Ugly Choice
The Republic Of FearLost In The Jungle Of Lies And DeceptionsThe Plundered Are Restless
Feel The HateYour Nukes Won't Save YouThe Beast
Troublesome AssetsLiving Off Delusions Of VictimizationThe Rest Of The World Is Running Out Of Patience
The Big PaydayThe Greed Of The GeneralsGive Until You Hurt
A Failure To CommunicateThe BadlandsThe Crooks Strike Back
Denial And WrathGenerals Versus JudgesShowdown
Desperate, Cornered And Willing To Kill

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