India-Pakistan: September 16, 2001


The United States may have exactly what Pakistan needs. As Pakistani diplomats try to persuade the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden other Pakistani diplomats dropped hints that they were sure that their ties with the US would strengthen including their economic ties. Pakistan is desperate for economic help at this time. One third of its population is under nourished and the country is struggling with its debts. The way to Pakistans heart may truly be through its stomach. Pakistan has been under sanctions from the US and other countries for its on going nuclear program. Sanctions where enacted in 1990 and have been strengthened over that last few years. In 1999 the IMF suspend all aid to Pakistan. Leaving them struggling with a 30 billion debt. Recently the IMF has resumed aid and had plans to meet with Pakistani leaders in October. The economic woes only grow with the current influx of refugees fleeing Afghanistan for Pakistan. Fundamental Islamic leaders inside Pakistan have warned the President Pervez Musharraf of grave consequences if Pakistani territory is used by the US to launch attacks against Afghanistan. The Pakistani government has a difficult task a head of it. It must support the building US coalition while not raising the anger of the minority Islamic fundamentalist to the point it boils over into the streets. India continues to have its own problems with Islamic terrorist in the province of Kashmir. Nine policemen were killed and 10 others injured when they were attacked by a two-member suicide squad. India has claimed that the Islamic groups are backed and supported by the Islamabad government. Islamabad denies directly backing the groups. However, India officials have reported a significant drop off in incidents with the fundamentalist in the last few days. The drop of is believed to have occurred because the groups are regrouping and maybe headed for Afghanistan to support the Taliban government if it is invaded.




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