India-Pakistan: November 1, 2001


At least a thousand Pakistani Pushtuns crossed the border (in some 50 trucks) into Afghanistan. They were led by an official of a radical Islamic political party. Moslems from all over the world are coming to Pakistan to cross the border into Afghanistan and join the war effort. At least a hundred British Moslems (the children of immigrants from South Asia) have done this, and at least half a dozen have died. Meanwhile, Pakistan is rounding up terrorists identified by Pakistani and foreign intelligence organizations. This includes many people who were  training in Afghan camps and have recently come out of Afghanistan. This is making it more difficult for the bin Laden organization to operate, as in the past, bin Laden organization members could easily move between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then fly from Pakistan to anywhere in the world. But bin Laden still has many supporters among Pakistani government officials, especially in ISI (Pakistan's main intelligence organization.) Although president Musharraf has removed senior government and military officials who support bin Laden, it takes a lot longer to root out lower level supporters. Inside Kashmir, rebel activity left five dead and eight wounded. Shelling continued across the Line of Control.




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