India-Pakistan: December 7, 2001


The UN says some 160,000 Afghans fled their country since American military operations began in Afghanistan two months ago. India is setting up an embassy in Kabul. Afghanistan continues to criticize past Pakistani interference in Afghan affairs (via Pakistan's support for the Taliban) and any similar future interference. Pakistan has begun cracking down on the Taliban in Pakistan. While support for the Taliban is still strong in northern Pakistan, many people in this region are turning against the Taliban. Their biggest beef is that local pro-Taliban activists urged local men to go fight in Afghanistan, and several thousand have not returned (and are presumed dead.) The Pakistan government's gamble on joining the war on terrorism has paid off. The rapid fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan took the wind out of Islamic radicals and pro-Taliban forces in Pakistan. However, Pakistan still has plenty of Islamic radicals fighting in Kashmir, and still running training camps to support this effort. Violence in Kashmir left two intelligence agents and three rebels dead.




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