India-Pakistan: January 3, 2003


The separatist rebellion in Kashmir has involved more than fighting between the rebels and government forces. The rebels are themselves divided into several factions. Since fighting became intense in 1992, 675 have died (502 rebels and 173 civilians) in 775 battles between rebel factions. Another 397 civilians and 102 rebels were wounded. Most of the fighting involved more militant Pakistani radicals trying to impose their will on less violent Kashmiri separatists. The greatest activity occurred in 1992, as Pakistani militants sought to assert their control over the rebellion. In that year, there were  105 died in 103 incidents. Last year, there were twelve clashes leaving 19 dead. This information was compiled over the years from seized documents and interrogations of captured rebels. The Kashmiris continue to be less violent and more interested in some kind of negotiated settlement. The militant Islamic radicals from Pakistan (some of whom are Arab) are violently opposed to compromise. 




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