India-Pakistan: January 20, 2003


In India's northeast, a bomb went off under a passenger train, derailing the engine and three cars. There were no injuries. UPDS rebels were suspected.

While the American operations against the Taliban and al Qaeda are unpopular in Pakistan, the government still supports this sort of thing. So far, Pakistani and American agents have rounded up 422 al Qaeda and Taliban suspects inside Pakistan. However, the Islamic terrorist operations in Pakistan Kashmir are off limits. So this is where a lot of al Qaeda have moved. But there are still thousands of armed Taliban and al Qaeda members in villages along the Afghan border. These men blend in with the locals, and are only vulnerable to attack and capture when they take their weapons across the border into Afghanistan. Increasingly, American troops in Afghanistan are using patrols and aerial surveillance to track these al Qaeda operations and attack them. It's because of these operations that the US claims the right of "hot pursuit" in Pakistan.




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