India-Pakistan: December 14, 2003


President Musharraf narrowly escaped assassination when a quarter ton bomb exploded under a bridge seconds after he had crossed it. Musharraf was saved by jamming equipment operated by his security detail. The jammer interferes with most transmissions within 200 meters. This meant that the bomber found that the explosives didn't go off when Musharraf's car was on the bridge, but did as the signal was sent again and again and the car carrying the jammer moved more than 200 meters from the bomb and it's radio controlled detonator. The bomb was apparently well designed, and pro-Taliban and al Qaeda forces are suspected as behind the operation. The bomb was planted in an area full of military bases and heavily patrolled by troops. It is feared that there are enough Islamic radical officers and troops to form several cells capable of planning and carrying out attacks like this.


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