India-Pakistan: January 24, 2004


In the northeast India Assam region, over a hundred rebels from the United Liberation Front of Asom and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland have surrendered in the last month because of the loss of their camps across the border in Bhutan. Others, having been arrested in Bhutan, have been handed over to Indian police. The tribal separatists have been fighting, for decades, against migrants from other parts of India. But the rebellion has not had much success. India finally convinced Bhutan to send its army to shut down the camps the Assam rebels were using as a sanctuary from the Indian army and police.  While many of the 3,000 rebels who were driven out of the Bhutan camps will accept amnesty and surrender, it's expected that at least a few hundred will continue fighting. Indeed, even as rebels are surrendering, others are still fighting troops and attacking migrants.




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