India-Pakistan: July 11, 2004


While India has reduced the infiltration of Islamic terrorists from Pakistan into Kashmir, violence in the last 24 hours has left 19 dead in Kashmir. Indian police and troops are more aggressive in seeking out terrorist camps. The Islamic terrorists have also been more violent in their use of terror against Kashmiri Moslems who are not supporting the terrorists. In Pakistan, the dead terrorists continue to be described as "martyrs."

Meanwhile, along Pakistan's Afghanistan border, army artillery began hitting compounds of tribesmen who refused to give up al Qaeda members hiding in the area. The resumption of military operations in South Waziristan is being done on a small scale, as most of the tribes have made deals with the government. Basically, the tribes have been bribed, with the "gifts" backed up by the threat of more force. However, the government has not yet announced the capture of any "foreigners."




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