India-Pakistan: July 18, 2004


Former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto admitted that she arranged for  Pakistan to buy  long range missile technology from North Korea in 1993. She had made a state visit to North Korea in that year, and used the occasion to arrange the deal. Pakistan later sold nuclear weapons technology to North Korea.  Benazir Bhutto is living in exile in London, because she is wanted on corruption charges back in Pakistan.

In  South Waziristan, Pakistani troops and pro-al-Qaeda tribesmen traded gun and mortar fire.

In Kashmir, improved Indian border security has made it more dangerous for Islamic radicals to try and enter from Pakistani Kashmir. Today, at least five Islamic radicals were killed after they were detected by Indian sensors and cornered by Indian troops. The violence in Kashmir has not diminished, with the fighting divided between attempts to get more terrorists into Indian Kashmir from Pakistan, and terrorist attacks on Karachi Moslems who are thought to be aiding the Indians. Attacks are also made on Indian troops and police, as well as non-Moslems in general.




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