India-Pakistan: July 24, 2004


In southern Pakistan, a clash between two tribes left at least eight dead. Police moved in and arrested 90 people in an attempt to halt the fighting. The tribes had tried negotiations between tribal elders, but these talks had failed. 

In India, the recent national elections brought many leftist politicians back to power. This means that offensive operations against violent leftist groups has been halted in some states. In Andhra Pradesh state, the ban on Maoist rebels has been lifted. This allows the armed rebels to more freely operate (open camps, move through towns and villages.) But it also means that Maoist groups in adjacent states, where Maoist parties are outlawed, can now establish camps in Andhra Pradesh, and move across the state border to make attacks. While the Maoists are considered outlaws, their leftist politics brings them some sympathy from leftist political parties, and a desire to try to negotiate with the Maoists. However, the Maoists want a communist dictatorship and social revolution, and consider negotiations a ploy, not a solution.




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