India-Pakistan: August 2, 2004


 Apparently, the arrest of al Qaeda leader Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani in Pakistan on July 25th brought with it information that led to the terror alert in New York city and Washington DC over the weekend. What leadership al Qaeda still has is thought to be hiding out in parts of Pakistan that contain a large number of Islamic conservatives. The al Qaeda is known to control large amounts of money (perhaps over a $100 million), and technical experts who can assist in planning major terrorist attacks. While many al Qaeda attacks are being carried out in Iraq and Pakistan, it appears that the al Qaeda leadership is still planning, and supporting, operations in the United States.

Pakistani troops continue fighting pro-Taliban and al Qaeda tribesmen in Waziristan, along the Afghan border. Since March, over 200 tribesmen and soldiers have been killed, and many more wounded. The troops are running patrols and raids, while the tribesmen have taken to firing rockets at army bases. Fighting is also taking place further south in Baluchistan, but this area has experienced tribal unrest before 2001. 




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