India-Pakistan: August 29, 2004


 Pakistan arrested two men suspected of involvement in attempts to assassinate Pakistan's president. The men were caught in the tribal areas along the Afghan border. Another Pakistani Islamic radical was arrested in Saudi Arabia, where he was turned in by Saudi civilians. Pakistani Islamic radicals are fleeing their usual hiding places. Some are going to Kashmir, but the government has made it clear that there should be no sanctuary for anti-government Islamic radicals in the Kashmir camps used by Islamic radicals fighting in Indian Kashmir. This prohibition is not always respected and may cause problems.  The fighting continues in Kashmir, despite the increasing difficulty in getting across the "Line of Control" (border) between Pakistani and Indian Kashmir. Inside Indian Kashmir, the Islamic radical continue to use terror against Kashmiri Moslems who refuse to support the radicals.  

India tested another of its Agni II ballistic missiles. The 16 ton, solid fuel missile has a range of 2,500 kilometers and carries a half ton warhead. The Agni II is considered one of the main Indian nuclear weapon delivery systems. The missile can be launched from a mobile launcher and takes about eleven minutes to reach its target.




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